attended his first Self I-Dentity Through Ho'oponopono SITH® class in 2006 in Dublin. He constantly applied the method for three years before becoming the coordinator for Italy. In 2009 he organized the first SITH® class in Italy with Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph. D, and Mary My Wild Irish Rose Koehler.
He has been teaching classes in Italy, in other European countries, Russia and Asia. 
Nello applies the SITH® method in his practice as an Engineer, he is also a Mediator and Official Technical Consultant for Verona Court. He is the founder and coordinator of a Center for Spiritual Development. He constantly and joyfully applies SITH® process in his personal life, work, business, and family too.

She attended her first Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono® (SITH®) class in 2009 presented by Dr Hew Len, and fascinated by the simplicity and power of the teaching, she attended the Business Ho’oponopono class the same year in Holland. She became staff for various (SITH®) classes in Turkey afterwards .
Since than it is a part of her life where she enjoys the benefits of it both in her professional and personal life.
She has a BA in Spanish Language & Literature and she works as a HR Manager .
Since 2000 she has attended many spiritual and personal development seminars , she is a certified facilitator of the Transformation Game & Frameworks for Coaching and a ‘’ Family Constellation’’ therapist .
She is also the founder partner of the Maitri Personal Development & Training Company where she continues to organize personal and group events.

Ha partecipato ai seminari di Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono nel 2009 e 2011 con il Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len e Mary Koehler- My Wild Irish Rose. Non ha mai trascorso un solo giorno senza ripulire ed essere in connessione con la famiglia interiore. Usando il procedimento SITH® la sua vita è completamente cambiata, prima viveva con insoddisfazione nei debiti e paura, poi con soddisfazione, libertà ed equilibrio. Lei è profondamente grata per tutte le opportunità di ripulire che le sono state fate dalla sua famiglia, amici, collaboratori e da tutti gli aspetti economici. Nel 2014 è stata  nello staff nel seminario SITH® in Italia. Nel 2015 ha coordinato e tradotto il seminario SITH® in Germania. Irene ha fatto crescere due bambini ed è anche un’autrice, produttrice TV in un canale per bambini a Monaco.

has a degree in Business Administration and has been working in various companies including managerial positions. He participated in SITH® Basic I classes in 2009. Although he was interested in spirituality since the early 2000s, organized various spiritual workshops and become a meditation practioner, after applying SITH® in his life miracles started to happen. He got a very interesting job offer and changed his career totally after working in a company for 12 years .He became the coordinator of SITH® classes in Turkey and organized the first Basic I class with Dr. Hew Len in 2011. He believes using of tools and SITH® in daily life creates the changes that one needs and also can be a major part of success in business life and relations.

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